Wetlander Jet Boat going through rocky shallow water

Wetlander is the best bottom coating for jet boats

Wetlander is a slick and durable bottom paint that will help improve the overall performance of your jet boat while giving you protection from scrapes and gouges too. Coating your boat with Wetlander will allow you to slide over obstacles easily, move through the water with less drag, and get you through the SKINNIEST stretches of shallow water without getting hung up.  Your boat will also launch and load much easier.  Because Wetlander is a waterborne silicone epoxy, you will have the benefit of the great adhesion and toughness that epoxies are known for, whether applied to fiberglass, gel coat or aluminum.



“Hi Scott , AL McDonald here in the NWT , northern Canada. I purchased your wetlander slick boat bottom coating late last fall and applied it to my 16.5 jet boat.this fall i took this boat into some of the Mackenzie Mountain rivers. You had questioned whether the product was suitable in high impact situations. Well i spent two weeks prowling around these shallow rivers with this boat with a mercury 80hp outboard jet. I scraped across, hit , ground into , and crashed into numerous rocky shallow gravel bars. Once i got home i put the unit in the shop to look at the bottom damage. There was NO damage except for the scuff marks, same as running your fingernail over a painted surface. No scratches, or gouges.to tell you i was not surprised, because during application and after curing , i beat on that hull with some pretty big hammers and beat a garden rake on it, actually wrecked the rake. My fuel economy could actually be measured, and so could the speed. The thing that you had to be careful of was the hull would skid out coming down some of the steep rapids. I did a lot of back steering to correct the skid. I am impressed and thoroughly pleased with your product , and will be purchasing for other boats.”- Al M. in Canada:

“We did record a 4.2mph increase in our speed, this speed increase was recorded on the GPS.
I have made this exact trip many times, and have established fuel stops, and caches along the way.I usually top up fuel 3 times. You might not believe this, but i only topped up fuel once, and then arrived in camp, where i topped up again. We calculated a gas consumption improvement of 0.7 GPH. Not much , but when you’re looking at hauling80 to 100 gallons, its a big number” -Another from Al M. in Canada

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“I took the boat out this weekend for the first time with Wetlander on the bottom. I loaded it on the trailer off the blocks it was on with ease, the last 3 feet I just winched the boat onto the runners and it slid so easy, what used to take two hands to turn the winch I could do with 3 fingers. I also strapped the boat better on both sides at the aft end to minimize side to side sliding on the trailer.

I got to the ramp and waited until the boat was about 5 ft from water to remove transom straps, backed the boat into the water and backward winched the boat off the trailer, I had to hang onto the front of the boat in order to remove winch strap, once it was off, the boat just slid backwards into the water and floated off on its own…major improvement from before. I had three adult guys in boat and full fishing gear, each guy weighed about 225 lbs so I was kinda nervous about my speed test. Before the bottom coating I was clocking in around 28-29 mph with just myself, tackle bag and rods. With the three adults I was hitting 31.7 on a smooth lake, and almost 35 mph with just myself on a choppy, windy lake!! I am estimating a 5-6 mph speed increase just from Wetlander”-From user BNT5 on tinboats.net


“Hey Scott, this stuff is awesome!! A buddy & I worked on my old boat preparing it for Wetlander. We spent about 30hrs. and followed your direction to the T. Put on primer 1 & 2 coat & waited 5 days to put on top coat. Put on top coat & waited 7 days. Well today was the trial run. Holy cow!!! Up on plane in 3 seconds & added probably 5 mph. Wow!!!!!  Only one problem slick, slick, slick. Glad I read other comments, this sucker will slide off the trailer. Tell others, don’t release bow rope or they’ll be swimming for your boat. Thanks best product I’ve ever used.” – Robert Dunn, Virginia, USA


“Best product out there.  This product is one of the best I ever worked with…” –Marc Beaudin, Canada, owner of FibroMobile

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